Shipping Details

If we were a massive company we would invest in our own trucks, trains, ships and aircraft. Alas, we are not, as a result we are not in total control of our shipping (many companies claim there are - but are they really?).

In Australia we use Australia Post and knives will be shipped within 2 days of purchase. We then follow the standard Australia Post sending where it takes from 1 to 3 days. If the knife is made for a b'day let us know and we will put in express at no charge. Cost varies a bit but we charge $9 anywhere in Oz.

For overseas shipping it's a bit more complex. We use DHL or TNT, the two biggest transport companies in the world (The German's versus the Dutch) and again we do our best to deliver using their services. They tend to go from a week to a month however we do at least have tracking codes you can request. Again it varies all over the place so we charge a consistent AUD30 for overseas shipments (larger orders are rewarded by keeping the shipping cost fixed).

Any issues or problems let us know. If it doesn't arrive then we will refund you or re-make and re-send.

Fingers crossed for all of us!