Our Team

Our Team

Koi Knives was founded by Ramon Elzinga & Shannon Dolman in Adelaide, South Australia (just out of Adelaide near the Adelaide Hills).

Our concept is to help people design knives which represent themselves - creating more joy in the kitchen - handles and blades that match you. We hope you like what we are up to.

Shannon spent the last 20 years focusing on steel manufacturing (making all types of things with incredible steel). Ramon spent the last 20 years obsessing with cooking and knives (and occasionally cutting his finger). We also work with George in McLaren vale who has spent time as a sniper and arborist and now focuses on being a handle maker.

We thought it was time to work together. We make in Oz but ship anywhere (Shipping takes a little longer outside Oz). Good luck and enjoy!

Ramon Elzinga | Co-Founder

A knife lover even before we were stuck in the house & kitchen.

Ramon lost to Callum Hann in very early rounds of Masterchef and decided he'd concentrate on tools moreso than dishes.


The Son of a blacksmith Shannon has always been comfortable stuck in the shed.

He's a bit hard to get a hold of as he usually has his sleeves up and head down tinkering with something... usually a knife (not always).

Joao Sundfeld | VP of Sharpening

Former Chef & Extreme Guitarist Joao brings the passion from the concert to the shed.

He is the best sharpener we have and will forever be improving the way we play with Resin. He is Brazilian!

Steven Tuckey | VP of Marketing

Another former chef turned jack-of-all trades and currently lumped with writing my own bio.

One of the perks of working for knife makers, I now have an unending supply of beautiful knives. Happy chef, happy life.

Dan Quinzi | VP of Finance

Our founders have their sleeves up so numbers is not their strength. Dan has helped resolve this and also give vastly improved vision of what we should be building - are we running out of Gyuto's? Dan is the one to answer this question.

Alejandro Carriel | VP of Digitography

Alejandro emerged from Chile and has been loitering in SA for some time.

He seems rather talented in capturing the imagery of a very hard to shoot piece of kitchen jewelry - the knife!