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About the School

Sticky Fingers Kitchen is a welcoming place for people of all skills and abilities. Focussed on building kitchen skills and creating confidence in the kitchen, their classes are claimable through the NDIS and run throughout the school term or morning/afternoon classes for adults.  

Kitchens can be daunting environments for beginners. Head chef Emma Bobby leads a team of skilled and friendly kitchen professionals, guiding their students through reading and cooking recipes, social interaction, kitchen hygiene and nutrition.

sticky fingers kitchen

About the Owner

Emma Bobby is a qualified chef with over 18 years professional experience working in kitchens around the world. She settled in rural Darwin with her family and in the tumultuous time of the 2020 pandemic, decided to pursue her passion of sharing her wisdom in the kitchen. 

"I started to re-think my passion for food for teaching others which led to the creation of Sticky Fingers Kitchen.

My inspiration for founding Sticky Fingers Kitchen was to offer a safe space for all individuals regardless of circumstances and backgrounds, the ability to learn a life skill we all need. To learn how to cook."

School Specialties

The School centres around helping everyone develop basic kitchen skills in a safe and welcoming environment where each person can learn at their own pace. Recipes are made to showcase different cooking/cutting/learning skills to provide a better understanding of cooking and healthy eating. There are classes for adults and children, and all can be claimed through the NDIS.

For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.

sticky fingers kitchen


Sticky Fingers Kitchen Cooking School is one of six cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

 sticky fingers kitchen

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