Adelaide Kiritsuke Knife

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

The Kiritsuke knife is essentially an elongated Bunka knife or super tough Gyuto knife with a K-Tip - hence the perfect knife the Adelaide Knife "Red-Back" collection.

We decided to play with the underlying wood so that the handle reminded us of Spiderman (my son's favourite hero). We used dwarf Banksia fused with red resin.

The Kiritsuke knife is essentially a K-Tipped All-purpose blade that probably has even more diversity than a Gyuto (known as the All-Purpose knife itself). It is slightly heftier than a Gyuto knife, particularly at the tip, so the kiristuke knife can also cut through heavy things like pumpkin, watermelons or long paw paws.

This knife was at first made for my son however we have no released 5 of these Spiderman Kiritsuke knives here in Adelaide.


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