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Amsterdam Gyuto Knife

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I woke up a bit late yesterday however when I read my overnight emails (orders amongst others) I had a smile on my dial.

Someone in the Capital of The Netherlands (Amsterdam) bought the Japanese Chefs knife, the Gyuto knife, with an orange label :)

My father is Dutch and I was lucky enough to be in Holland in 1988 when Holland one the world cup - the colour of Orange has resinated with me since which is a large part of the reason we use Orange resin on our blades - like the resin on the Gyuto knife just purchased.

So like many days this order gave me a big grin that nobody may ever see. Long Live Holland. Let them win the European Cup again. Let the Orange Gyuto knife bless their kitchen as much as cheese does in the fridge!

*(My Dutch father met my mum in Kyoto, Japan - hence the Japanese Knives)



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