Unagisaki | Eel Fillet Knife

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Japan. Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto 


Blade Width 

36mm – 39mm 



As a single-beveled kitchen tool, Unagisaki is the ideal Japanese knife to cut eel. As its name suggests, Unagisaki is specifically designed for professional eel cutting. This knife can also be used in cleaning and filleting other fishes.

Its body has a rectangular blade and a 45-degree angled tip. The sharp pointed tip allows chefs to push and easily pierce an eel’s head. With its perfectly crafted end, one slicing motion is enough to cut a whole length of the fish. Unagisaki’s short and angled handle enables an easier grip as if the knife is a part of your hand. The design of Unagisaki is perfect for serving eels that are expected to be served without any flaws.


Tips When Using the ‘Unagisaki’

Choose an Unagisaki knife with a length that best fits your palm and fingers. Unagisaki comes with a blade width of 150mm – 240mm, enough to slice an eel in just one motion. Aside from cutting eel, it can also be used for basic knife activities, like filleting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. However, you should avoid using it on hard surfaces to prevent blade damage.

For a comfortable grip, it’s best to select an Unagisaki knife with a short and angled handle.


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