How to Finish a Dirty Martini

How to Finish a Dirty Martini

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

The final flourish on a Dirty Martini is a crucial moment to capture. There is no where to hide, the classic cocktail is unadorned save for the green olive.

The crown on the head, the icing on the cake, the shock of the brine that tickles the palette.

We like to use the platter picker to inject some showmanship and extra flare to the most important part of the inimitable cocktail. Placed gently when stirred, or landing with a splash when shaken, using this tool allows you to keep all the ingredients ice cold.

A true gourmand also prefers a blue cheese stuffed olive, for funk, creaminess and an added sense of heroism.


Our Dirty Martini for two

150ml of Australian Gin 

25ml of French Dry Vermouth

25ml of Jalapeño Brine

2-4 Pitted Gordal Olives

1 tbsp. Gorgonzola Piccante


Chill everything in the freezer for at least 2 hours (including two martini glasses).

Stuff the olives with Gorgonzola.

Stir ingredients in a cocktail mixing glass and divide into the two frozen martini glasses.

Garnish with 1-2 stuffed olives.


"Bright was the light of my last martini on my moral horizon."

- Norman Mailer, American Novelist and Essayist

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