Platter Picker Game 6: Baton Race

Posted by Steven Tuckey on

Food should be fun, and we are big believers that you can play with your food. One of our newest creations is the Platter Picker, a tool for charcuterie, cheese or even cocktails, and yes, a lot of fun to us.

To spark your imagination we have come up with a few games for when you are entertaining an entertaining group of people.

Today's game is called 'Baton Race'. See how many pickles you can transport between two people in 1 minute. Play in teams of 2+ to see who can transport the most. Trust us, it's not as easy as we make it look.

Rules to the game

Two players per team, each team has two minutes to transport as many pickle "batons" from one bowl to another. Players must pass the pickle to each other before placing in the bowl, and can only use the platter picker to move the pickle. The total number of pickles are tallied at the end on the two minutes. Each team must try to set the highest number, and there can be 2 or more teams playing at any time.

Swap for olives if you want a real challenge.

We give you permission to play with your food, but remember, there is just as much fun in the eating. 

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