Salt & Company - WA

Salt & Company - WA

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About the School

Salt & Company is a cooking school based in Perth, Western Australia. In their clever hands, you’ll learn to develop your love of good food into a passion for creating it.

A class with Salt & Co. doesn’t just teach you how to follow a recipe – you’ll learn the fundamentals of each cuisine and the techniques that are used, the purpose of key ingredients, and how you can make every creation your own.

There are no individual isolated workstations but 1 large communal table of 12 where you will work together like a social chefs brigade, so no one is put under too much pressure. This gives everyone a chance to chat, learn and laugh with each other; as you prepare, cook and plate the food for each course with the guidance of your awesome teacher.


Your cooking teacher will provide hands on and technical tips and guidance right throughout the class, and at different points everyone will gather around a specially designed concrete demonstration bench to catch all the action as dishes are cooked and served for eating.

When all the magic in the kitchen has yielded a feast, each class is finished with a long table dinner in the dining hall where everyone can enjoy the fruits of their efforts and toast to good times.

To make things even easier, they are BYO, so don’t forget to bring along that special drop to enjoy with your delicious meal.

At the end of each class everyone takes home a complete set of recipes, so you can hone your new craft and treat those you love.


About the Owner 

The company was founded by Andrew Clare in the year 2015. Preferring to keep a low profile, Andrew doesn’t put much attention to himself, putting the spotlight on the three veteran chefs that serve as key pillars of the school’s tight-knit family.

Reanne, Ryan and Jake are all foodie enthusiasts and adventurers - viewing food as both a journey and and exciting destination. Their cooking styles vary greatly - influenced by their multicultural roots and otherworldly destinations through the years. But all focus on sustainable farming and enjoy working with seasonal produce - keeping the kitchen fresh and playful each time. To them, cooking is all about respecting natural flavours and bring out the best of each.

All cooks have years of food service experience under their belts - working with restaurants, wineries and catering companies here and abroad. Teaching gives them a sense of fulfilment in sharing what they know while making meaningful connections with strangers over a good meal.


School Specialties 

Salt & Company offers cooking classes for all types of cuisines. While others might specialise on a specific area or region, the school creates lifestyle themes instead. Aspiring vegans may want to try their plant-based cooking classes, while those thinking of munchies to match their next hangout would love the beer & food classes. There are even classes for kids or for chefs who want a restaurant-style meal done quick! 

Classes are available in solo or group styles. Bigger groups may also book a private event for a team-building cook-off or casual get-together among friends and family.

For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.


Salt & Company Cooking School is one of five cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

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