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About the School

The Cooking Professor Culinary School is fueled by a passion for shared food, family and history. Owned and run by Israel-born chef Riki Kaspi, her warm spirit and impeccable skills guide you through a range of culinary experiences. Feel free to bring a pad and pen, but what you will learn is cooking from the heart and hands.  

Joined by a welcoming team of hospitality professionals, The Cooking Professor School offers a wide array of classes and programs for the beginner cook through to the avid gourmand. Situated in the sunny suburb of Mount Hawthorn, the inner city location is ideal for gatherings and birthday parties, (especially when they have their popular long table events). 


About the Owner 

Riki Kaspi shares a rich family history of cooking, built on a foundation of sharing recipes and teaching the next generation the love and skill of cooking. She has a boundless passion for food and culture, traveling far and wide to experience new culinary adventures; bringing this wealth of knowledge to every class. Demystifying complex cuisines and recipes, she offers the how and why of different flavours and methods, with ease and generosity.

Her specialty is combining dishes from North Africa, Morocco and the Middle East, with fragrant spices and unctuous sauces that are as addictive as they are delicious. 

School Specialties 

The Cooking Professor Culinary School is a fun and inviting place to learn complex techniques in a relaxing atmosphere. Led by chef’s focussed on demystifying cuisines, there is a rich food history that is passed in every class, given abundantly and with enthusiasm.

There are a range of classes for kids and adults to suit all experience levels, plus live music and long table events that are full of fantastic food and fun.

For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.



The Cooking Professor Culinary School is one of many cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

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