A Collaboration with Mother Nature

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Termites are to be thanked for the intricate detail and unique beauty in the Koi Knives Platypus gum knife handles. While often condemned and considered to be a great pest due to their capacity to destroy homes by eating away at wooden structures, in this case, the white ants’ activity has been created into works of art and crafted into Japanese knives.



A large, old Platypus gum tree situated behind the Noarlunga hospital in South Australia had become infested with termites and ordered to be removed. When the tree was cut in to, the most amazing discovery was found - the termites had eaten all out all the core of the trunk, leaving behind just the outer layer not far from the bark’s surface. They could not eat outward anymore as the outer, older layers of the tree had become too hard due to the age of the tree. This formed a beautiful burl that can be seen on the handles. A selection of Japanese Knives, including the Gyuto, Deba, Bunka, Sujihiki, Petty and Nakiri, have been crafted from this very unique wood. We tell people who order a knife from us with this handle to thank Mother Nature for their knife, as it was made by her termites.



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