Top 3 Knives for Adelaide Locals | Adelaide Knives

Top 3 Knives for Adelaide Locals | Adelaide Knives

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Adelaide Knives are a little hard to find. Hopefully, the short article below will help.

When considering Adelaide knives to adopt we must start a few steps that occur before the knife gets used.

What foods are locally produced? What are the best tools (Knives in Adelaide) to turn this food into something delightful? What are the top 3 knives for those in Adelaide? 

We work through these questions to resolve what are the best knives for those in Adelaide.

What is the local produce in Adelaide?

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is one of the best locations for consuming wonderful food. The number 1 food produced in Adelaide is wheat and at number 4 is barley comes in so the consumption from items made at the bakery is large. This makes us consider that one should consider acquiring a decent serrated knife to handle the largest produced commodities in SA (however bread is not for everybody).

The second-largest production (even bigger than any vegetables) is lamb (it makes about the same $ as wool for SA (so based on stats it's 50/50 whether to shave their wool or roast them). At the moment we are doing about half/half. So when pontificating what tools you need you may need a knife to cut and slice lamb.

Wine grapes sit at the top level of production however not many knives are needed to drink wine so when start looking at vegetables. Potatoes were the largest selling product in 2016 along with almonds and onions south of the city and eggplants, tomatoes and cucumbers to the north.

So with this brief overview what knives should we hold to cut a slice and dice the local ingredients.

What are the 3 must-have Knives for Adelaide?

There is no particular order below however we've listed the three knives we'd recommend you to hold if you are considering knives in Adelaide.

3. The Bunka Knife

The Bunka knife is the Adelaide Knife for Power (and Crows).

The Bunka Knife is one of the must-have Adelaide knives as it will allow you to easily prepare roasted proteins like lamb and chicken whilst still playing the premier role of cutting starchy vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

The Bunka itself is a hefty all-purpose knife that can do much of the heavy work needed in the kitchen.

It's the (Adelaide Crows player) Mark Ricciuto of the kitchen.

2. Serrated Knife

The Adelaide Knife to conquer the bakery and what it prodcues.

Given the largest production found in Adelaide is wheat (which often ends up in bread) there is no surprize that magnificent bakeries are spread all across the state. If bread is on your menu you have no choice but to hold a serrated knife.

The serrated knife in Adelaide will help you start the morning by slicing your breakfast bread and can even be used to slice tomatoes which are sourced from the Northern parts of Adelaide (largely done by the local Vietnamese and Cambodian community).

The serrated knife is the preparing tool needed for anyone that visits or attends the bakery.

1. Gyuto Knife

Whilst serrated knives are made for bread and the Bunka knives are the blade for heavy work the Gyuto knife is the knife that does everything else.

The Gyuto will chop through every vegetable grown in Adelaide, it can slice through any meat (not bones) and it can prepare the kids lunch.

The Gyuto knife is the equivalent of the chefs knife in the western knife collection and is the most commonly used Japanese blade. 

So if you hold a Gyuto knife, a Bunka knife and a serrated knife you can prepare just about anything that is grown, farmed or caught.

Long live Radelaide/Fabelaide!! :)

* If you're in Pt Lincoln (the capital of fish) then you may like to preference the Deba and sujihiki knives.


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