The Best BBQ Knives for Summer

The Best BBQ Knives for Summer

Posted by Sam Flaherty on

Precision and flavour are essential in barbecue, a treasured culinary tradition.

To master the art of grilling, a reliable friend is required: a high-quality knife. BBQ fans realise the importance of having the appropriate tools.

In a world where flavour is king, each cut and slice changes the experience.

Enter the Big Red world of Koi, where precision meets passion. This guide reveals the best BBQ knives to help you improve your grilling skills.

Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or just starting, these knives are your go-to companions for the ultimate summer cookout.

Join us as we investigate BBQ culture's sizzle, tastes, and brilliance, perfectly combined with the quality of Koi's Big Red knives.

The Big Red Collection

The Big Red Collection from Koi Knives is a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and a deep understanding of culinary needs. These knives are designed to elevate your BBQ experience to new heights. Here's a closer look at each blade in this remarkable collection:

1. The Big Red (Chef's Knife)

Purpose: The Big Red Chef's knife is the collection's heart, boasting a robust VG10 steel core and double-layer cladding. It's the ultimate all-purpose knife, perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping with precision. 

2. The Joey (Petty Knife)

Purpose: The Joey Petty Knife is your trusted companion for delicate tasks. Its handy design makes it ideal for intricate work, such as trimming and peeling, ensuring every detail is perfect.

3. The Croc (Serrated/Bread Knife)

Purpose: The Croc is a versatile addition, excelling in tasks like slicing crusty bread and smoothly gliding through soft tomatoes without crushing them. Its serrated edge ensures clean cuts with ease.

4. The Wombat (Chopper)

Purpose: When sheer force is needed, The Wombat steps in. This bestial chopper makes light work of hardy ingredients, from dense vegetables to thick cuts of meat. Its might, coupled with precision, is a game-changer.

5. The Dingo (All-Purpose Knife)

Purpose: The Dingo embodies versatility. Its delightful design conceals a powerful all-purpose knife capable of tackling a range of ingredients. From vegetables to meat, it's your go-to companion.

6. The Koala (Precision Knife)

Purpose: For intricate and delicate tasks, The Koala takes centre stage. When precision matters most, this knife delivers. Its design caters to the most intricate culinary endeavours.

Each knife in the Big Red Collection exhibits exceptional quality and longevity. Crafted with care, they bring precision, balance, and edge retention to your BBQ game, making them a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast.

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection by Koi Knives is the epitome of versatility in the culinary world. Comprising the Big Red, Joey, and Croc knives, this set is designed to be your faithful companion in everyday cooking adventures.

1.    The Big Red

The Big Red is the heart of this collection, a chef's knife that effortlessly tackles various tasks. Its VG10 steel core and double-layer cladding create a durable blade that maintains a razor-sharp edge. Whether you're chopping, dicing, or slicing, the Big Red's precision and balance shine through.

2.    The Joey

The Joey, known as the Petty Knife, is your go-to for more intricate work. Its agile and slender profile makes it perfect for tasks that require precision, like peeling, trimming, or creating garnishes. Don't let its size fool you; the Joey is a powerhouse of control and finesse.

3.    The Croc

Completing the trio is the Croc, a serrated bread knife that excels in one thing - effortless slicing. Its teeth-like edge cuts through with precision from baguettes to tomatoes, leaving your slices clean and intact. The Croc's versatility extends to proteins and delicate pastries, making it an indispensable tool in your kitchen.

Incorporating these three knives into your daily culinary endeavours ensures you're well-prepared for any cooking challenge that comes your way. With the Classic Collection, Koi Knives has created a set that marries craftsmanship, quality, and functionality, making every meal preparation a joy.


Table: Classic Collection Overview



Key Features

 Big Red

 All-Purpose Chef's

VG10 Steel, Double-Layer Clad


Petty Knife 

Precision, Versatile


 Serrated/Bread Knife

Effortless Slicing

The Big Red Chef's Knife

The Big Red Chef's Knife is the cornerstone of culinary excellence within the Big Red collection. Crafted with precision, it features a VG10 steel core, renowned for its sharpness and durability. This high-carbon stainless steel core ensures long-lasting edge retention and ease of sharpening.

The knife's double-layer cladding is a testament to its quality. Starting from the spine with a sandblast finish, it seamlessly transitions into a polished edge, allowing for effortless slicing through a variety of ingredients. This fusion of strength and precision makes the Big Red Chef's Knife an indispensable tool for BBQ enthusiasts seeking perfection in every cut. 

  • VG10 Steel Core: Discover the superior qualities of VG10 steel.
  • Double-Layer Cladding: Unveil the seamless transition from spine to edge.
  • Precision in Every Cut: Explore how the Big Red Chef's Knife enhances your BBQ experience.

 The Big Red Chef's Knife sets a new standard for BBQ knives, combining craftsmanship and performance to elevate your culinary adventures.

The Croc Serrated Knife

Serrated Versatility

A serrated knife is an indispensable tool in the world of BBQ. Its distinctive saw-like edge effortlessly slices through crusty bread, delicate tomatoes, and tender protein without squishing or tearing. For BBQ enthusiasts, The Croc stands out as the ultimate serrated companion. Its blade, designed to conquer the toughest textures, is forged from durable steel, ensuring longevity in the grill's heat.

Why Choose the Croc?

Unlike other knives in our collection, the Croc isn't forged from VG-10 steel. Instead, we've chosen a slightly softer steel to enhance the longevity of its serrated edge. This choice ensures that it remains razor-sharp, ready to tackle the challenges of BBQ, from early morning croissants to evening roasts. The Croc is inspired by the tenacity of Earth's oldest predator, making it the ideal tool for slicing through your BBQ creations with precision and ease.

Finer Details

- Blade Length: 190mm (7.5")
- Overall Length: 322mm (12.7")
- Blade Thickness: 1.8mm (0.070")
- Weight: 130g (4.5oz)
- HRC: 60-61

In your BBQ arsenal, The Croc is the fierce yet faithful companion you can rely on, ensuring that every slice enhances your culinary mastery.

BBQ Paring Knife - Kookaburra

Introducing the Kookaburra, this paring knife is a powerhouse for intricate tasks in BBQ preparation. Its compact size belies its versatility. Here's why the Kookaburra is an essential BBQ tool: 

- Precision Cutting: The Kookaburra's 96mm (3.75") blade excels at segmenting citrus, deveining prawns, separating sausages, and scoring meat, ensuring precision in every cut.
 - In-Hand Use: Designed for in-hand use, it offers exceptional control and manoeuvrability, making it perfect for fine, detail-oriented work.
 - Diverse Applications: This diminutive yet dynamic knife handles many tasks, from segmenting fruits to fine-tuning your BBQ creations.


With a razor-sharp edge and a compact design, the Kookaburra is the go-to tool for BBQ enthusiasts who demand precision in their culinary endeavours. It's the secret weapon for elevating your BBQ game to the next level.

BBQ Fillet Knife - Barramundi

In the world of BBQ, precision matters, especially when dealing with delicate cuts of fish. Enter the Barramundi knife, designed with BBQ enthusiasts in mind.

Meeting the Demand

BBQ aficionados often seek knives that can flawlessly fillet fish for grilling, and the Barramundi knife does just that. Its fine tip and flexibility make it the perfect tool for intricate fish preparations.

Development Process

Collaborating closely with local sport fishermen in South Australia, we honed the Barramundi knife's design to meet the specific demands of BBQ enthusiasts. We ensured the right blade length and the ideal level of flexibility, creating a knife that helps you easily bring your catch from the water to the plate.

Key Features

- Fine tip for precise cuts.
- Finger guard for added safety.
- Ideal for larger species like Kingfish and Swordfish.

Technical Specifications

- Blade Length: 190mm (7.5")
- Overall Length: 322mm (12.7")
- Blade Thickness: 1.8mm (0.070")
- Weight: 130g (4.5oz)
- HRC: 60-61


Our commitment to high-quality Japanese VG10 steel ensures a durable, sharp blade that holds its edge, even through extensive use. The Barramundi knife is your trusted companion for perfect fillets, enhancing your BBQ experience.

The Complete BBQ Set

The Complete BBQ Set by Koi Knives is the ultimate arsenal for any BBQ enthusiast, offering a comprehensive selection of knives designed to tackle various tasks with precision and ease. Each knife in this collection is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

1. The Great White Shark (18cm Chopper)

   - Purpose: Versatility is the name of the game with The Great White Shark. While it excels at slicing and chopping proteins, it's also a master at handling a wide range of ingredients.
   - Features: This knife boasts a rock-hard VG10 steel blade, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and durability. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing extended use without fatigue.

2. The Platypus (15cm Vegetable Cleaver)

   - Purpose: For those BBQ moments when you need to bring out the flavours of vegetables, The Platypus is your go-to knife. Its design allows for precision slicing and dicing of veggies.
   - Features: The knife features a VG10 steel blade for sharpness and longevity. The Australian wood handle looks stunning and provides a secure grip.

3. The Kookaburra (9cm Paring Knife)

   - Purpose: The smallest knife in the collection, The Kookaburra, is deceptively powerful. It's perfect for intricate tasks like segmenting citrus, deveining prawns, and more.
   - Features: With a compact blade made from VG10 steel, it's a versatile companion for fine-detail work. Its lightweight design makes it manoeuvrable and easy to handle.

4. The Tassie Devil (15cm Boning Knife)

   - Purpose: The Tassie Devil is unparalleled when removing meat from bones or separating sinew. It's the ultimate tool for precision boning.
   - Features: This knife features a sharp VG10 steel blade that retains its edge even during demanding tasks. Its ergonomic handle ensures comfort and control.

5. The Barramundi (19cm Filleting Knife)

   - Purpose: Designed in collaboration with local sport fishermen, The Barramundi excels at filleting fish of various sizes. Its fine tip and finger guard offer protection and precision.

   - Features: The blade is crafted from VG10 steel for optimal flexibility and sharpness. It's a reliable choice for fish preparation, ensuring clean and precise cuts.

6. The Brolga (27cm Butcher's Cimeter)

   - Purpose: For those BBQ occasions that require substantial slicing or carving, The Brolga is your answer. It's perfect for both preparation and presentation.
   - Features: Its long, sharp VG10 steel blade is built for heavy-duty slicing. The comfortable handle ensures a secure grip for effortless use.


Handle Options: You can choose handles that match your style. Contact us for details on available options.


A superb set of knives is your most valuable ally in pursuing BBQ perfection. Koi's Big Red series encapsulates the pinnacle of BBQ knife quality with The Big Red Chef's Knife, The Croc Serrated Knife, and The multipurpose Joey Petty Knife.

These knives, made with VG10 steel cores and boasting unrivalled adaptability, are built for precision, strength, and longevity. Koi's Big Red knives are up to the effort of slicing through the toughest foods, delicately handling fish fillets, and undertaking difficult tasks.

But our dedication to your BBQ experience continues. Our Classic Collection features daily cooking companions, whereas our Chopper Collection boosts strength and adaptability in your kitchen.

Take advantage of the chance to elevate your culinary experience with knives that combine precision, performance, and flair.

Visit Koi's Big Red collection today and transform your grilling experience.

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