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We occasionally look at the past year and see what knives we've have crafted for customers in certain cities. Today we looked at knives bought in Adelaide (our home town) to see what knives we should make before we are asked for them.

Our knives are a fusion of Japanese knives (Japanese steel) with Australian wood. Over the past 12 months the most popular knives in Adelaide are...

3. The Serrated Knife

The Serrated knife is a fairly recently made knife after requests started to occur (before we made it). Whilst not common in Japanese knife stores (as many Japanese people don't eat much bread) they are commonly held in kitchens here. Many of the locals start the day at the bakery so the requirement of a high quality bread knife is important to keep their home made sourdough in tact when slicing.

The serrated edge bread knife we have created is a dingle bevel blacksmiths style with an AUS10 (high carbon steel) core and a stainless steel cladding. This means that the centre of the knife is super tough and the cladding guards it from corrosion. 

This knife has become very popular in Adelaide and brings it to number 3 in terms of knives most consumed in Adelaide.

Japanese Knife Set

2. The Bunka Knife

The Bunka knife is an all purpose chef knives and it i best known for its power and heft. The power of the Bunka knife comes from the width of its spine - around 4mm which makes it nearly twice the width of a Gyuto or Nakiri Blade.

The power and strength of the Bunka knife makes it the perfect knife for heavy duty cutting like pumpkins, potatoes or proteins. The dimples on the knife also reduce the stickiness of starch like potatoes. 

The combination of all purpose flexibility, enormous strength and heft as well as it's dimpled/hammered Damascus finish make it the second most popular blade.

1. The Gyuto Knife

The Gyuto Knife (far left above) remains as the number 1 most popular knife. It is the Japanese knife equivalent of the chefs knife.

The main differences that lure people into using the Japanese Gyuto knife instead of the western chefs knife are its super hard and sharp edge (driven by carbon), it's slender blade (which makes it slice more precisely) and it's raw beauty.

The Gyuto is an all purpose knife which pairs well with a Bunka. The Gyuto does all slicing and chopping and when extra strength and heft is needed the Bunka is the perfect partner. 




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