Platter Picker Game 3: Bobbing For Olives

Posted by Steven Tuckey on

We all know the pain of trying to pick up a slippery olive from the jar or bowl, only for it to shoot out of your fingers and shoot across the table. This game is all about wrangling those cheeky olives with a platter picker. 

A bowl is filled with olive oil and a single layer of olives. for best result we suggest a bowl with a wide lip, flat bottom and short sides. Aim to have the olives suspended in the oil (not touching the bottom). 

The object of the game is to transport a single olive from one bowl to another using only the platter picker. As the olives are incredibly slippery from the oil, watch as your guests time and time again corral an olive into a corner of the bowl, only to have it zip out of reach again as soon as they try to puncture the skin.

Not for the faint of heart; patience is a virtue. 

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