Platter Picker Game 5: From Here To There

Posted by Steven Tuckey on

Food should be fun, and we are big believers that you can play with your food. One of our newest creations is the Platter Picker, a tool for charcuterie, cheese or even cocktails, and yes, a lot of fun to us. To spark your imagination we have come up with a few games for when you are entertaining an entertaining group of people.

Todays game is called 'From here to there', but should really be called 'pickle fight'.

Two contestants see how many pickles they can put in their bowls. The player with the most pickles at the end of the game wins. Simple? yes, hilarious to watch? Absolutely. 


Rules to the game

Three bowls, two empty, one full of cornichons. Two contestants battle it out to get the most amount of cornichons in their bowl. Numbers are tallied once all cornichons are gone. Highest number wins!

We give you permission to play with your food, but remember, there is just as much fun in the eating. 

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