Bunka Knife Brisbane

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

We just sent a Bunka knife to Banana land (Brisbane).

We thought prior to sending, given this is one of the first Bunka knives sent to Brisbane, we should take a quick pic with a banana - the home fruit of the state.

Ironically the Bunka is made for the opposite. You can cut a banana with a toothpick but their are many more thing that you cannot. Vegetables like pumkins, sweet potatoes, watermelons, etc are hard to cut with conventional chefs knives and that is where the Bunka knives enters the fray....

As far as Japanese knives are concerned, Bunka knives have ultra hefty spines and a dimple finish so they come down with force and minimise stickiness with the dimples in the blade. The wider spine of the knife is also easier to push down on with your hand as skinny edges can be quite painful to push.

Whatever this blade is used for we hope the owner of this bunka knife and the rest of those in Queensland are enjoying themselves - beautiful one day - perfect the next :)

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