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Damascus Knife Collection

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Whilst most of the time we are making knives for others sometimes it's time to treat ourselves.

My favourite batch of Japanese Knives is included in this collection - from left to right I granted myself a Petty Knife, Bunka Knife, Gyuto Knife, Sujihiki Knife, Nakiri Knife and Deba Knife (right handed).

I use them all but at the time of writing the Bunka knife is probably leading the pack in terms of usage. The Bunka knife has superior heft and works well on starchy vegetables which I am chopping in large volumes as the size of my kids and their teeth grow.

Which ever new knife I add to my collection I love the process. 

Bunka Bocho Knife Bunka Knife Damascus Gyuto Gyuto Knife Gyuto Knives Nakiri Nakiri Knife Nakiri Knives

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