Japanese Knives - The Best Gift

Japanese Knives - The Best Gift

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It’s a big call, we know, but a Japanese kitchen knife really is up there when it comes to finding the best gift! Not only are they a practical gift, but they are also extremely beautiful. Adelaide based Koi Knives’ selection of Japanese knives are also extremely unique, with each handle being hand crafted from South Australian woods and cast in colourful, contrasting resins. Some of the woods also have a special story behind them, adding sentimental value to these Australian infused Japanese knives. This blog will outline just why we believe Japanese kitchen knives are the perfect gift!

Bling and Beauty Factor

When looking for a gift for someone, a high quality and visually aesthetic product is always important. Koi Knives’ range of Japanese knives are exactly that. Koi Knives are an infusion of Australian and Japanese beauty. As mentioned before, the knife handles have been crafted from South Australian woods such as banksia pod, maple wood, Gidgee wood, shiraz vine and olive root, to name a few. The natural beauty of these woods are only intensified as they are cast in a myriad of beautifully coloured resins. The handles are then paired with Japanese Damascus steel to create stunning kitchen knives such as the Gyuto, Deba, Suijihiki and Kiritsuke knives. We often say that a beautiful knife is like jewelry for your kitchen, bringing style and pizzazz to your cooking tasks each day. We love to cook at Koi Knives, and having sharp and beautiful knife makes cooking an absolute pleasure and joy.

Koi Knives serrated knife
Gyuto Knife - a very versatile all-rounder


A kitchen knife is also an extremely practical gift. Most of us will need to cook each day, or at some stage each week, unless you’re lucky enough to have someone who cooks for you! Therefore, it’s a gift that many people will use frequently. Having a high quality and sharp knife makes chopping, dicing and slicing your food a much more efficient and enjoyable task. Having a beautiful knife to use also brings more fun and enjoyment to the kitchen, which is a core value of Koi Knives – creating joy and bringing friends and family together through meals. You can also select knives for different purposes. While a Gyuto knife is a great all-rounder, if your friend or loved one likes to prepare a lot of fish and seafood, you could give them a Deba knife, or a Nakiri knife for those who chop a lot of vegetables. A serrated knife is also ideal for cutting through crusty bread or a roast pork with extra crispy, crunchy crackling! There are a range of different knives for different purposes, which you can read more about in a different blog called Paring the Right Pair here.

Nakiri Knife - vegetable chopper

       Anderson Hill vine handles                        Gidgee Wood handles

Personal and unique

With no two Koi Knives being the same due to the very uniquely made handles, these kitchen knives also make for a very personal gift. This personal touch can be further enhanced by having the knife engraved with the person's name or a special message. Some of the Koi Knives range of Japanese knives also have a very special story behind them. This includes the knife handles made from Gidgee Wood from the Simpson Desert. The wood was salvaged from a boys’ 4WDing trip through the desert and symbolise adventure, survival, mate ship and lifelong memories. You can read more about this story here. Meanwhile, the knives created from Anderson Hill vines from Lenswood were taken from vines that were uprooted following the devastating 2020 bushfires in the Adelaide Hills. In this story, beauty was able to be created from a tragic event. There’s also an interesting story behind the Platypus Gum knife handles, with the intricate detail in the wood being carved from termites that ate out the inner layers. We thank Mother Nature for these handles. You can read more about this handle here.

Platypus Gum handle

Gift wrapped

Each Koi Knives order is individually gift wrapped and presented in its own classic black box. Orders can also be shipped directly to the intended gift recipient, taking away the hassle of wrapping and delivery for the person giving the gift!


Customers' Feedback

We’ve told you why we think a Japanese knife is a perfect gift, but let us share feedback from some of our Koi Knives customers and what they think:

"Incredible gift for my Bucks Day"

“I love my red handle petty knife :..... I use it every day to chop vegetables or prepare meat or fish. It cuts everything particularly well, and is just so beautiful that I feel proud every time I use it. It perfectly complements the awesome blue handle paring knife”

Bunka Knife - "besides being sublimely beautiful, is easily the best knife I've ever used. It's got some serious heft, is beautifully balanced, is easy to hold and use, and is wickedly sharp"

 If you have any questions about selecting the right knife for a gift, gift wrapping or including a special note or card, please feel free to email us with queries or requests to koiknives@gmail.com

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