Top 5 Knives for a Gift?

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One of the hardest things to do these days is choose the right gift for someone on a day that is special to them.

We discuss this a lot with knife gift buyers so we've listed below the knives we end up with most what are the top 5 and why are they chosen? 

5. Gift Recipients who love fish?

For those that love fish there is a few special choices of knives made to deal with fish you catch in the sea, river or supermarmet. 

If you're are looking the blade to chop the fish into pieces of remove the skin we would recommend the Deba Knife. It's unique as it does both bone chopping and fillet removal (unlike the filleting knife which can only remove the skin). If you're more focused on the final slice to present your fish beautifully the elongated Sujihiki knife is the blade to go with. If you're friend is a fish lover these blades make for wonderful gifts.

4. Gift Recipients who love BBQ?

BBQ lovers love cooking outside, they love flames, they love chopping meat and if they want to slice meat into the perfect dimensions they have two choices. The Bunka knife or the Kiritsuke knife. Both knives have weight (so they can chop through bone), both knives have K-tips (so there is power in the tip) and both knives are wonderful additions to the BBQ tool kit. 


3. Gift Recipients who love Bread, croissants and the bakery in general?

If you love bread and bakery goodies the answer is simple - you need a serrated knife. The serrated knife is the purpose built knife that works beautifully with bread. Full Stop. End of story. If you own or love the bakery - the serrated knife is your tool of choice. 

2. Gift Recipients who love intricacy (or have smaller hands)?

Whether it's making a stunning slice to a small ingredient or preparing a child's lunch the paring knife is the perfect blade. When intricate tasks are commonly completed the paring knife is the best gift to deliver.

1. Gift Recipients who just love food i.e. everything?

If you love cutting, chopping and slicing the choice is simple. The Japanese equivalent of a chefs knife, the knife that slices everything, the knife that is bought and loved most of all is the Gyuto Knife. Gy "Cow" - Uto "Sword" is the tool at the top of the kitchen temple and if you're unsure or know they love all the Gyuto knife is the perfect choice.

Good luck and we hope you love knives as much as we do!

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