Paring the right pair-Finding the right knife for the right person

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Have you been looking to buy yourself or someone else a new knife but unsure which type to purchase? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! The plethora of different types of knives can be overwhelming when sometimes all you’re looking for is a decent knife that does the job! But rest assured, finding the right one is easy if you know what you’re looking for. While many of us passionate home cooks appreciate using a beautifully crafted and sharp Japanese steel knife to slice away in style, some may just like an all-rounder like the Gyuto, while others may be seeking a specially made Sujihiki knife to carve their roast on Christmas Day. Read on to find the right one for you!

For those seeking versatility in their kitchen knife, the Gyuto is an all-round pleaser. Its longer blade is ideal for gliding through vegetables when preparing a stir fry or making a salad. Translated as ‘cow sword’ in Japanese, the Gyuto can also be used for slicing meat, allowing it to be used for preparing an entire meal.


If you’re vegan or simply love your vegetables, the Nakiri is a match made in heaven. A very popular Japanese knife, its lighter weight and straighter cutting edge is ideal for chopping all your greens and other vegetables. The Kiritsuke is also a kitchen hero when needing to chop heavier vegetables such as pumpkin and sweet potato when making a soup.

For those seeking a carving knife to cut your Christmas roast or sashimi, the Sujihiki knife is a crowd pleaser. Its long cutting blade will slide through a portion of meat in one effortless slice.

The Deba is ideal for the chef wanting the right tool to break down fish or chicken. This shorter and heavier blade can be used to deconstruct an entire fish or portion a chicken.

The paring or petty knife is for more intricate slicing and dicing. The small blades make easy work of chopping garnishes, slicing oranges, or even preparing your sandwich at lunch time.

If you’re a passionate baker or simply wanting a decent knife to slice through your freshly baked sourdough loaf, then a bread knife is essential. A sharp bread knife with a long and serrated edge will make preparing your bruschetta or freshly made sandwich an absolute pleasure.

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules about which knife you must use. If you fall in love with a particular handle and design, and its comfortable to hold and does the job, then you have found your winning knife! The most important thing to remember is to enjoy your knife and have fun with it :) 

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